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High Above was born in 2011 from an obsession with Japanese backpack brands, such as Porter, Master-Piece, Harvest Label and the various vintage American brand re-releases. Combining this passion with hiking, backpacking, cycling and other outdoor activities, High Above was born.

The idea took root in the concept that somewhere between fashion and function was a middle ground that drew the qualities best demonstrated in the individual categories.

These products are without pretense. Simple and solid. Built to last for years while being serviceable. In the event of a run in with a campfire or dumping your bike on your ride, the pack is designed with serviceability in mind.

High Above Design often consults clients looking to prototype or design products for their respective markets. Our capabilities include concepting, prototyping, materials development and short run production in the field of softgoods.

My specialities include:

-Technical carry, including military, ultralight and mountaineering packs and accessories

-Vintage and "Heritage" style designs.

-Cost limited design

-Fashionable mens carry